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... song writing matters

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Web Site Welcome

Hi ... you've managed to find my web site, so a huge welcome. I hope you like what you find. To explore, please select an item from the MAIN MENU on the left hand side of this page. Do come back again and have another look around ...... things will be added.

I've tried to make this site look clean and cool and elegant, although, of course, you might just think it's clumsy and clunky. I like black and white. I like black and white films, or black and white photos or black and white design with odd moments of colour. There's so much garish colour everywhere on the web these days (or even nights) that it no longer dazzles or impresses ... it just shouts! Sometimes, if all you do is shout to get noticed then all people notice is a noise.

I like to write ... I like to write songs, but I also like to write about music and other stuff as well. I try not to shout ......

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This is the site of a writer and song-writer ... someone who is fatally hooked on listening to music, making music and writing songs. It's the digital home of someone who thinks songs can be either ordinary or extraordinary but, at their best, can be small and acutely engaging short stories, little moments of wonder, not so quiet mini-mysteries, finely crafted possibilities, small works of art, little gems which, if they can't move the Earth, can move your heart ... so if you think music is all just noise pollution or irritation, if you think songs are just wallpaper or background noise, then we'll just have to disagree and you probably won't like what you find here. I just hope you do!

A little video .... it might make you smile ....

Singing A Man Of Constant Sorrow with Matt Henderson and Robin Tymm.
Web Site Design

If you like the site, with its monochrome look and its text layout, or you would like to design a web site like this one, then you can contact me directly from the contact page. If the text is a little small for you, you can increase or decrease the font size by clicking on the A+ or the A- in the top right hand corner of the page. Alas, this feature doesn't seem to work on Apple Macs ... you have to use the Apple key along with the + or - keys instead.


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